Virtual reality allows for a journey in time and combines exciting amusement with information on past events. Presentation with the use of a device called Occulus creates a free flight through and over the Castle in Wiśnicz from the 17th century. Visitors can observe the castle's interiors and everyday life of its inhabitants. It is a unique opportunity to view it all thanks to the deployed technique of castle's laser scanning, which made the castle's virtual sightseeing a very realistic experience. Real exhibits from the museum have been combined with an imaginary world of the castle, created thanks to modern technology.

Such attraction of making the past history live cannot be found anywhere else. The presentation addressed to viewers of different age is to attract to the Castle of Wiśnicz visitors, who are curious about the World. The visitors may not only try out the newest technologies in the historic surroundings, but also taste special dish from the region and have a stroll in the nearby forest, which is under protection of the Natura 2000 national environmental program. It is an ideal place to calm down and run away from a mundane routine. Perhaps such opportunity will be a starting point to some visitors to come back to Nowy Wiśnicz in the near future: be it for the upcoming artistic presentations, literary evenings or concerts. Nowy Wiśnicz is a must-see location.

Cafe Bastion

Starting from April 2017, the Castle in Wiśnicz opened up the coffee shop called „Cafe Bastion”. After having experienced the virtual journey and the visit to the castle, the Burial Crypt, and mysterious undergrounds, tourists are welcome to have a seat at the Cafe Bastion and contemplate on the past and the future sipping the cup of delicious coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Having it all in a special place: where the 17th century coexists with the 21st. „Cafe Bastion” is not a regular coffee shop. In the past, the Hungarian Route led through Wiśnicz and the local fortifications hid the famous wine transports from Tokay and Eger. Stemming from this tradition, „Cafe Bastion”, in cooperation with the historic winery "LIPPÓCZY PINCE" from Tarnow, offers a unique array of wines from Tokay and Eger. One can also taste Opat beer from the brewery with tradition of more than 400 years old.

Price list

Regular price ticket for Bastion VR

14 PLN

Reduced price ticket for Bastion VR 9 PLN
Visiting the castle + Bastion VR: regular price ticket 24 PLN
Visiting the castle + Bastion VR: reduced price ticket 15 PLN